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Tuesday Mar 24 2020
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Kate Middleton’s emotional confession to Prince Harry ahead of royal exit

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Kate Middleton’s emotional confession to Prince Harry ahead of royal exit. Photo: International Business Plans

The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton reportedly broke down during her final conversation with Prince Harry ahead of his departure back to Canada.

Kate Middleton ‘fought tears’ during her last conversation with the Duke of Sussex ahead of his royal exit.

According to Woman’s Day New Zealand, a royal insider revealed details surrounding Kate Middleton’s and Prince Harry’s emotional meeting. Reportedly, Kate pulled her brother-in-law aide and expressed her immense devastation surrounding his absence.

The source was quoted saying, “Kate knew it could be the final opportunity to air her feelings and she was incredibly emotional.”

“Apparently, she fought back tears as she told them how their lack of communication and contact both before and after they moved to Canada had been devastating for them and how they felt completely shut out of their lives." Not only that, the Duchess "felt like she’d lost a brother too,” in the midst of the royal fiasco.

Vanity Fair’s royal correspondent, Katie Nicholl revealed that Kate had a very hard time accepting this estranged relationship with the Sussexes as they had been inseparable. ”It use to be just her, Prince William and Prince Harry as a “happy trio” and now she [Kate] is very sad by how everything has turned out.” 

The source added, “To be honest, I think Kate has taken it all badly’ as “She, Harry, and William were once such a happy trio. She thinks what has happened is all very sad.”

The source signed off adding, “It’s not been an easy few months for anybody.”