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Tuesday Mar 24 2020
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What is the reason behind Kate Middleton's sudden surge in solo royal engagements?

Web Desk
Many royal experts are dubbing Kate Middleton's burst of activities a consequence of Megxit

Kate Middleton has undeniably marked her spot in the British royal family and has also won over the public's adoration, especially since Meghan Markle and Harry’s exit.

With her constant engagement in royal activities over the past few months, from her podcast interview to Ireland tour, many royal experts are dubbing the burst as a 'consequence of Megxit'.

However, a royal source has now stepped forward claiming the sudden rise in the Duchess of Cambridge’s solo engagements is a result of years of her putting in efforts away from the public’s eye.

The Duchess, following her thorough and long-term research, is now getting termed an expert in knowing what needs to be done to bring about a positive impact on the lives of children.

"She doesn’t just want to talk about this issue, but to build an evidence base for action. It’s easy to dismiss work on child development as nice and cuddly, but the social side of this is as significant as climate change. She’s worked away quietly and become an expert in the field,” the source said to Daily Telegraph’s lifestyle magazine Stella.

“She understands the science and she’s now respected by the people in the sector because she’s spent years trying to work it all out. So it is only natural for people to want to hear more from her about it,” the insider added.

Another insider from the publication qouted: “It sounds basic, but Kate’s built her confidence with her knowledge in this area. Public speaking is much easier when you’ve got something you want to talk about. And this is a subject she has not only spent a great deal of time researching but that she cares passionately about."